Group Classes

We offer different group classes for Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba, and for different levels so our students will develop their skills in a vibrant and dynamic ways.
Being the Best School in Dubai / the Top school in dubai, our instructors will teach you the proper techniques and make you shine in the dance floor in the shortest time possible
You will learn different techniques, combinations and master the rules while practice with our instructors and students
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In Salsarte Dubai, we will teach you a mix of Salsa styles, like LA, New York, Cuban, fusion and Cali styles


Our Bachata classes are a fusion of the dance styles, in Salsarte Dubai, Our instructors will teach you the Dominican traditional style, the urban .. and Sensual Bachata which became very popular in Europe.


Kizomba is becoming one if the most famous social dance in Dubai and the world, and in our school you will learn how to combine the elements of the European ballet and the african dance movements.
You will learn the simple and advanced moves and combinations to master this dance and feel / look wonderful in the dancing floor

Private Classes

We offer our students private classes where they will have a structured plan that will help them improve and achieve their goals
having the Best instructors in Dubai, we will make sure to create a plan for you that will focus on what you need to improve and at the same time it will give a wide knowledge and skills to become a professional dancer